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Fritz Trott, Founder & CEO, Zenjob
"Actually, every CEO needs a CFO from torq.partners. We were supported hands-on and strategically by torq.partners with an interim CFO for a year until we found the right CFO for us. He worked directly with our management and helped us to successfully scale, build our team and internationalise. Our values have always been clearly reflected in the way we work together: Honest, Humble, Helpful, Hungry."
"During an IPO, many stakeholders and workflows have to be coordinated. Investment banks, auditors, legal advisors - everything must be responsibly managed and well organised. Over a period of 6 months, torq.partners was our reliable partner - respectful, direct and far-sighted. In July 2021, also thanks to their help, we had a great success: our IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange."
"For us, torq.partners is the reliable sparring partner when it comes to scaling and process automation. Their advice gives us a sense of security and their recommendations have thus helped us to take our finance and process structure to the next level."
Charlotte Kufus, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Legal OS
"We have grown rapidly without having a proper finance team. The mantra of torq.partners "Stability in Motion" is somehow fitting. They provided us with comprehensive advice on all matters relating to finance, processes and scaling - we found the optimal contact for us as a result."
"I have worked with torq.partners both in the area of interim controlling and for project-specific sparring. Both have been straightforward, very helpful and have supported and advanced me and my team. I look forward to future projects."
"Finance is not a silo, but a core component of the organisation. torq.partners sees the big picture and provides comprehensive support accordingly. From process optimisation to reporting and help with preparing the annual financial statements. By working with torq.partners, our organisation has gained structure."
Markus Cremer, Founder & Co-CEO, SongPush
"As a young start-up and first-time founder, we are very happy to have torq.partners on board. They made everything - from financial planning to process design - super easy. To all early-stage entrepreneurs, I can only recommend: Get torq.partners on board."
Chanyu Xu - Founder & CEO - HER ONE
"We were more than satisfied with torq.partners' services. They gave us the right recommendations, created a financial plan for us to work with as a steering and reporting tool, and are our go-to people around scaling."
Robert Hinsch
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Robert Hinsch, Managing Partner

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